USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) is the tenth and final Nimitz-class supercarrier of the United States Navy. The carrier entered operations in 2009 and it currently operates from its homeport in Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. We created a very detailed representation of USS George H.W. Bush functional with any aircraft on MSFS. 


  • Incredible level of detail on the modeling of the CVN-77 USS George H.W. Bush Carrier, with full PBR texturing.
  • Functional catapult and arrestor cables, with selectable launch speed and stop time according to the aircraft. This feature works with any payware or freeware aircraft, from a fighter jet to a B747.
  • 7 spawnable static locations around the Earth
  • We will add any location you want for FREE! Email us with the coordinates, and we will place an aircraft carrier on that location for no additional cost.
  • Additional landable ships, such as Frigates, are placed around the carrier. 
  • Static Aircraft, including the F-35 and the F/A-18


Out of the box, the product includes 7 static, spawnable locations. This means that the carriers do not move (MSFS limitation), and flights can be started from the carrier. The carrier will be visible as a starred scenery on your MSFS map. We have created custom

ICAOs for the different locations:

  • UGB1: Port of Origin (Norfolk)
  • UGB2: South of Key West
  • UGB3: Sea of Japan
  • UGB4: Persian Gulf
  • UGB5: South Mediterranean Sea
  • UGB6: Gulf of Aden
  • UGB7: South China Sea

See the exact locations here: We will add any location of your preference for free. Email us with the coordinates and your proof of purchase, and we will add a carrier to that location within 24 hours. 


We include with the product a fully functional SimConnect kinematics software to simulate the catapult and arrestor dynamics on an aircraft carrier. 


  • Run the Carrier Launcher software (shortcut on your desktop)
  • Launch MSFS and place any aircraft on the aircraft carrier. Taxi to any of the catapult locations.
  • Connect the Carrier Launcher software to your sim by clicking "Connect"
  • Select your takeoff speed, or type your own.
  • Set parking brakes and maximum thrust. Click on "Ready to Launch"
  • Release parking brakes and see your aircraft quickly accelerate to the selected speed.


  • Make sure your Carrier Launcher is connected to the sim (if not, click "Connect")
  • Select the full stop time, or type your own. The faster the aircraft, the shorter the full stop time it is. For example, for a fighter jet, a 1s full stop time is ideal.
  • Click on "Extend Tailhook" and land normally. The aircraft will decelerate quickly. Assist with braking as required. 

Our Carrier Launcher is a custom derivative of Kinetic Assistant by Touching Cloud, licensed under an MIT license.


Our product currently has a few limitations to take into consideration due to the current state of MSFS's SDK.

  • Carriers are all static objects. We have no plans to make them move since this is not possible with MSFS's SDK. Airports have fixed coordinates.
  • The product does not have animations. This means that the aircraft elevators and jet blast doors do not move. Currently, animations cannot be triggered by the user.
  • The carriers have uncontrolled ATC. There is an ATC frequency for each, but these work as an uncontrolled airport (UNICOM). AI traffic does not visit this airport anyways.
  • Carrier operations are basic. Do not expect carrier personnel to interact with the aircraft - user-triggered interactions are still not possible.
  • Crash Detection must be off at all times, otherwise, you might have issues using the product.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • We recommend at least 6GB of VRAM.


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October 29, 2021

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1.0.3 from November 02, 2021

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Miltech Simulations

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Mantenha-se actualizado

  • Version 1.0.3 November 02, 2021

    Terrain Fixes

  • Version 1.0.2 November 01, 2021

    The elevation of all ships was adjusted.

  • Version 1.0.1 October 30, 2021

    F-16 have been changed to F/A-18s

  • Lançado em October 30, 2021

    O lançamento inicial deste ficheiro acabou de ser lançado. Bem-vindo a bordo!

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On those screenshots there are F-15s and F-16s parked on the deck, quite a big oversight from the developer...

I am trying to be respectful here.

Why on earth would someone give money for a static carrier with no animations on deck when there is a freeware in the same site,with animated crew and lots of potential and will to make it better??

Hell,the freeware doesn't even need an external connect.You just park the plane F/A18 there and BOOM !



3 month(s) ago / Agradecido por Miltech Simulations

Just a small comment here considering all the slightly grumpy remarks below 8)

I bought this product when it was released and yes as stated in comments here it had a couple of cosmetic flaws at first but they were fixed very fast.

The product is now imho pretty perfect.

I sent a message to the creator about one of the cosmetic flaws and got reply almost at once with info about the fix. Top notch support.

I have both the Hard Deck carriers and the freeware ones found on this site and the Miltech carrier just is in another league detail wise.

If you want some carrier landing practice this is the one to get!

Blue skies 😊

This is a joke right?

  • static objects with stated no intention of making them moveable
  • not startable on deck except at a "runway"
  • no carrier animations, or animations period
  • random appearances of "land" through decks
  • full deck surface not hard
  • F-15's and F-16's on deck

Folks, find the freeware carrier pack on this site and pick that up. It has animations and at least only naval aircraft on the deck. This is a blatant money grab.

When it gets like DCS then we talk



3 month(s) ago / Agradecido por Miltech Simulations

Developer contacted about this, but the ship is sitting way too high in the water.

Bought it - tried it - found it at Norfolk.. only with a landmass volcano looking thing for a tower.. I know what they did.. They used the (Terrain SDK) to make a hard deck.. I was able to (slew) an aircraft on top of the mud dobber looking thing (Tower) for a bit until it fell off.. A total trick by a 12 year old.. like the Hurricane reporter say's .. "You would have to be a total idiot fool to be out here where I am.. Don't do it!"

What is different about this carrier module compared to Hard Deck Simulations version? Has anyone put a video out on this yet?

Btw. does it work in VR mode? I see 2D window for the placement and settings of carrier. Is it visible in VR too?



3 month(s) ago / Agradecido por Miltech Simulations

Looks nice BUT - pls change models and those screenshots here! F-16 and F-15 on carrier deck? LOL. Looks like ARCADE addon with those models for children only 😉 not for serious advertising and business. Sorry but its and a childish mistake that shouldn't have happened 😀 😀 😀 .

If I look at these pictures, I remove my finger immediately from the BUY button. 😉 I am afraid of the quality because of that.

So the static aircraft on deck are Tomcats and Hornets now? Chief

F14 F18 and helicopters thats all you can use it for

F-16 on Aircraft Carrier!!!! Is it a joke? For a payware it's not very profesionnal.

Looks nice, but is there a way to remove the USAF aircraft from the flight deck?? Navy Chief (Ret.)

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