Streamline Your Mod Management with the De-Nesting Tool


Managing mods can quickly become a hassle, especially when dealing with nested folder structures that result from extracting archives. This common issue can lead to cluttered directories and potentially affect mod functionality. To address this, I've created the De-Nesting Tool, available in both Standard and Safe-Mode versions, designed to simplify your mod organization with just a few clicks. Ths is very basic right now and is designed for a winrar auto-extract stacking issue on mass mod management but may apply to your scenario.

It moves quick and closes console after so you can get right to it. I'll have a more dynamic and UX friendly version later on at some point.

Why You Need It:

After downloading numerous mods, it's easy to end up with a deeply nested folder structure, typically when compressed files automatically create a new folder upon extraction. This not only complicates file management but may also hinder the proper recognition of mods by your flight simulator.

Introducing Two Versions:

  • Standard Version: Automatically detects and resolves redundantly nested folders, moving the contents up a level for a cleaner organization. It then removes the empty redundant folder for a tidy directory.
  • Safe-Mode Version: Operates similarly to the Standard Version but leaves the empty redundant folders intact. This version is ideal for those who prefer to review changes before finalizing them, offering an additional layer of precaution.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use; simply double-click to run.
  • Automatic Correction: Identifies and fixes nested folders, saving you time and effort.
  • Two Modes: Choose between complete de-nesting with cleanup (Standard) or a safer approach that allows manual review (Safe-Mode).
  • Free and Open: A community-driven tool, offered freely to enhance our collective modding experience.

How to Use:

  • Download the Tool: Choose between the Standard or Safe-Mode version
  • Place in Your Mods Folder: Drag the .exe file into your Community folder or wherever your mods are stored.
  • Run It: Double-click the tool to start the de-nesting process. The Standard version will automatically clean up empty folders, while the Safe-Mode version will leave them for your review.
  • Manage Your Mods More Easily: Enjoy a more organized folder structure with minimal effort.

Feedback and Support:

Your input is crucial for continual improvement. Please share your experiences, any issues encountered, or suggestions for future updates. Your engagement helps refine and enhance the tool for everyone in our community.