Following the request I decided to make a custom cabin for the Air New Zealand livery.
I already wanted to make this livery, but then forget about it. Now I am glad to be reminded about it again!

The entire cabin was overhauled with a custom seats matching the Air New Zealand design used on they A321neo's and other details including Air New Zealand cabin crew uniforms inspired by traditional Maori patterns and so on.
Because I used the default texture resolution there should be no perfomance impact at all.

To install simply unzip and drag the mod into your community folder.
To get the Air New Zealand livery select the "A321neo PW" from the in game hangar, then press "Liveries" and find the Air New Zealand livery.

Note: the cabin only works and is compatible with the default LVFR A321neo Air New Zealand livery! This mod does not change any other liveries.

P.S. All the further liveries except the ones that I already agreed to work on will be premium only (donation based) from now on. I have been on this website for 2 years dedicating all my spare time and I believe that I have yearned a right to get something in return for my effort. I don't have a price set in stone - you pay as much as you want. Thank you for understanding!