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EGHE - St Mary's Airport & Isles of Scilly Scenery UK - Upgrade

This is an upgrade of EGHE St Mary's on the Isles of Scilly plus a separate scenery file for the islands overall. There are three files in the download folder so you need to click again to find the folders to paste. This is...


This is an upgrade of EGHE St Mary's on the Isles of Scilly plus a separate scenery file for the islands overall.

There are three files in the download folder so you need to click again to find the folders to paste. 

This is my favourite airport in the whole wide world. And indeed place. It also has the best public toilet in the world on the main harbour with a wonderfully low height to align your plumbing and refreshing breeze to flow up it. If you haven't been here in reality then you jolly well should go. 

At the airport the runways have been erased and replaced with ones with a gradient closer to reality. This version has the entire site's elevations restored that were so rudely removed by Asobo by the UK update. 

All ground textures have been changed. Most other buildings are replaced or fill holes where there weren't any before. A few parking spots have been added on the grass opposite the terminal and number 12 is inside one of the hangars opposite the main apron. 

The surroundings have been spruced up with road surfaces and foliage.

Rocks have been embedded in the runway approaches to give you the willies. It's no good approaching when it's only that blotchy velvet stuff.

The scenery file adds boats and quays, the odd other feature such as the day marks, a helipad at Round Island Lighthouse ICAO EG45, and a faintly cheesy Longships lighthouse off Land's End which is landable in a helicopter.


This mod does a very nice job improving the shorelines - https://flightsim.to/file/26228/isles-of-scilly-shorelines

If you haven't seen it, to go in partnership with this is Tresco Heliport - https://flightsim.to/file/598/eght-tresco-isles-of-scilly-uk  but that's very STOL only. 

Bishop Rock lighthouse is included with the scenery file, but there's a much better version here that you should be using  - https://flightsim.to/file/15955/bishop-rock-lighthouse-helipad

If you end up seeing two versions then there's a separate download of this scenery file minus my crap Bishop Rock that you'll see when you hit the download button. 

V 2.5

No change to the airport or water mask. In the scenery file I've added helipads to Bishop Rock and Longships lighthouses. The ICAOs are EGB8 and EGL9. The models are still crap though. 

The Bishop Rock helipad will also work on the Alrocreation version. 

You can only use these with the official helicopters. Anything else won't be allowed to spawn. 


cornwall south west twin otter islander scilly helipad heliport
Sim Update 11
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November 17, 2020
Última Actualização
21 day(s) ago — 2.5



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4.98/5.0 — Excelente!
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  • Actualizado para versão 2.5

  • Actualizado para versão 2.4

  • Actualizado para versão 2.3

  • Actualizado para versão 2.2

  • Actualizado para versão 2.1

  • Actualizado para versão 2.0

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297 Comentários

Hi Superspud,

I'm looking at Isles of Scilly 2.4_TehbD.zip, and MFSAddonCollector has found (and misreported) an error in this archive.

Isles of Scilly 2.4/scilly-eghe-stmarys-superspud/manifest.json identifies the airport as " "title": "EGEHE St Marys",". I noted the deliberate mistake 😊

OMG! Wolf Rock lighthouse and helipad got nuked? 😱😭

Still a gorgeous place to explore, especially with an helicopter. Wonderful rendition. One of the top 10 mod in MSFS. Thank you very much.

P.S If you ever found a way to fix the watermasks elevation, it will be the best ever made. Those look great from above but it is like a transparent cloud floating a few feet above the water. Tx

Can you tell us where to put each of the THREE folders? Nothing is very clear what to do, where to place them, etc....

Please provide everything in one file with linked folder name. I think there is a lot of confusion. Thanks.

Greetings Maestro and thanks for all the extra stuff at the Scilly Isles and Lands End.

Please can you put an exclude zone around the Longships Lighthouse so that I can prevent another addon conflicting with it. TIA,

There are now four folders in the download section. One of them excludes the lighthouse when the other better one is used. So is this new update Main File excluding the lighthouse? If not how does one go about using the better one please? PS: Is it possible to remove files that are now outdated? Thank you.

I am back after months and had miss the version 2.3. Still looks great but I notice that the watermasks folder is one sub-level directory down, so it is not loaded unless you move it up like the others. The masks looks fantastic but they are mostly too high above the water. Is it because of the sim update ?

Not sure what you mean by "gets a LOD" ? They have to be redone ? Tx

Thank you very much for this scenery! I come here very often!

Nice one Spuddie !

I was there in August... cos that's what I do.

should we keep the Isle of Scilly Shorelines ? Think its by someone else.

its lovely to visit the islands with your great addon. With every version new details and new nice things to explore. Until now I spend some hours there and I will visit it in future... Thank you!

Very Nice. The emerald water looks great. Is it possible to have breaching whales or dolphins? The moving sailboarder and jetskier are a nice touch.

I keep searching for a 6th star - drat - can't find it ! 😀 All-time favorite airport thanks to you !

Fantastic update. Your 3d people really make the place come alive, not to mention your many other detailed touches. The whole package, including all dependencies, work so well together and produce a magnificent aero-playground. The food at the eatery is pretty good too! As always, thanks for all your efforts and top tier work.

Hi, thanks for all your scenery and hard work. Very minor thing. In a future update could you rename the 3rd folder to 'scilly-mask-superspud' so all files stick together, thanks.

Your great work has now become greater. Just love this Superspud. Will be great if you do a similar job on Lands End, which I love just as much. Your upgraded Exeter is Superb as well. Another 5 star rating

Hey Spuddie!

Hit us up with some more of your sweet sChilly sauce

Absolutely beautiful job. Thank you so much.


Quite possibly my favourite freeware scenery in MFS so far!


Dear Mr Spud

Your EGHE, scenery and shorelines are incredible. I haven't been to Scilly for such a long while but it is just as I remembered. I can't get enough of it.

But I have a question: I notice that you have modified the Longships lighthouse at Land's End. (I must take a look). I don't want to appear rude - but is there any possibility that this modification could interfere with the terrain at 'Aerosoft's' version of Land's End Airport. The apron is up and down and unusable - the airfield runways are un affected. But I notice some distant buildings at the perimeter are raised on little hillocks.

Aerosoft are completely baffled at this problem - especially as the Asobo version still works okay; so I though it was worth enquiring with an expert. Perhaps you have your own ideas on the problem given your expertise?

Thank you for any thoughts and your hard work in producing such a stunning add-on.

Best regards


Estes itens estão actualmente na lista e serão processados em breve!
Sugestões, insectos e ideias para o futuro.

  • Version 2.5 November 14, 2022

    Adds helipads to Bishop Rock and Longships lighthouses. ICAOs - EGB8 and EGL9

  • Version 2.4 October 18, 2022

    Sorts out runway lumps, correct PAPI and hold short placing points.

    Removes the most egregious buildings from the approaches.

    And a few other things no doubt.

  • Version 2.3 September 23, 2022

    Adds hedges and more detail to the approaches.

    Removes the Twin Otter on the apron.

    Improves a few elevations at the airport.

    Adds animated humans.

    And a few other bits and bobs.

  • Version 2.2 January 24, 2022

    Adds a water mask to the islands.

    Adds extra detail to the islands with some moving boats and covering up more burn ins.

    A couple of minor tweaks to the airport - removing traffic from the fire training side and changing a few painted lines.

  • Version 2.1 October 09, 2021

    Adds a heliport - EG45 - to Round Island Lighthouse

    Re adds Bishop Rock lighthouse. Adds a lighthouse beam to Longships and Round Island too.

    More rocks on the outlying areas.

    Improves some ground textures and vegetation at the airport

  • Version 2.0 September 17, 2021

    Does a far bit to the elevations on and around the airport. Still not perfect but better than before.

    Adds more details around the airport such as flashing runway guard lights and more work on the terminal.

    Adds some more boats, rocks and details to the islands in general.

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