Dr. David Livingstone was the first European to travel from the west coast to the east coast in Africa. Apart from this journey he explored large parts of Africa during 1840 until 1873. This Bush Trip follows his journey from Luanda in Angola to Quelimane in Mozambique. Except for Angola he follows the Zambezi river. The total distance of this trip was approx. 3.500 km. That is approx. 2000nm.

Why now a full trip while there are three parts available? Well I don't like long flights, 60 to 90 minutes is in my opinion long enough. I will never take up a commercial flight over the ocean. The way I build the bush trips shows this. Now are you my opposite and like to fly 2, 3, 4 or more hours. My bush trips will not interest you because of the short flights. My solution: combine the three parts, delete most airports and thus create a bush trip of 2004 nm in 9 legs.

I don't know if this will appeal. If yes, ok, if not, also ok. If yes, in future I will create bush trips for separate audiences.

Additional knowledge somewhere on the net and wiki.  

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