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Uma breve visão geral do que se passa na nossa comunidade.

It was my faforite A/C. But SU5 Kill it. It's a shame !!!

Thank you for your correction, I have modified it.

It appears in the far right corner can't bring it to a full view.

This livery is not compatible with Jplogistics mod for c152 after SU5.

There should be no issue with the ground services. I've sent a reply to your post in the Microsoft Flight Simulator forums.

Really nice seeing these, very enjoyable. Adding the Shoreham village (Kent) cross, would be great- its similar to the one at Lenham.

This livery is not compatible with JPlogistics c152 mod after SU5.

good addition any chance you can also do my home airport in Massachusetts KBOS Boston Logan International Airport

To be honest, the A330N that was released still needs some extra polish but I have faith in the community to continue to provide improvements to free content =)

Can you please do the A330 Neo please thanks alot

Tinyplates works, the hide-ui part seems to permanently hide it though... haven't tried the noHandleBar mod but I suspect that one won't work right either ( someone like to check? )

The A330-200 would require a whole new model and I'm afraid I don't really have the time or the level of modelling expertise to really do that.

I did consider it but now that I finally have some free time to work on such things, Sim Update 5 came along and broke all the things. This mod is also being integrated into Project MegaPack's official A330 release so we'll see what happens there. There should be a new release from them somewhat soon anyway since SU5 apparently broke something.

Thanks for improving the mod and for making it work again!! I couldn't use it for a few months but I'm glad its back. 😀

Have really been enjoying this airport and haven't had any problem with it..... until MSFS Sim Update 5. Now it crashes to desktop when crossing runway 32. Hope it's fixable. It's hard to go back to the basic airport now.

Hi, can you please update liveries, 787 after update have pink wings

It is recommended to remove all community add-ons during an update. I've never had an issue, but many have.

This new update did add some extra trees right at the approach end of RW22 That I'll need to delete, as It caused me to crash on short final. The update also broke my c172 classic but that's a rant for another forum!

I had the same problem. I went in to the community folder and deleted all the old H135 files. downloaded the 1.4v of H135, had the same issue with the black screen. I then downloaded the latest pms50-gtn750. then it worked fine when I started msfs again. I then added MMDesign_H135_soundmod _V1.4. Everything is now running well. I did lose the pilot/copilot avatar but that's an issue that they are working on.

Yes my friend.I saw your post on flight sim saying that and i am glad for it.Thank you also for answering again here.

Unfortunately,we have another problem now as the FBW doesn't fly at all but crashes the sim.i changed to stable version just now to see it this works.

Can you make an addon to make that @@# white dot dissapear ?😋🥂👌

Much appreciated, I would hate having to go back to the Asobo version after the improvement of WT. I have no idea about the 5th update yet because after 25 hours of downloading, I am only 48% through the 40gig mandatory update. At this rate, I will be able to check it out right around the Autumnal Equinox... give or take a month 😁

Thank you. This is actually all Asobo's work, they made the livery for Sim Update 5, however, it was not compatible with the Working Title mod so I just edited some file scripts to make it work with the WT mod.

With version 1.4 the screens will not be black. If you have black screens with version 1.4 you should check that you do not have multiple H135's installed. It's important that you check this as while 1.4 still has issues with SU5, the screens should never be black.

We will ship 1.4.1 later today, but I think you have an additional issue to work out. With 1.4.1 the NAVD/DMAP freezing will be fixed, and some bugs that could lock the controls. But you have a different problem to work here.

DMAP and NAVD freezing has been fixed in the next update. We will ship 1.4.1 later today. Discord builds are available now while we continue to find bugs.

Do not change your flight model to legacy. H135 only works with modern flight model.

Nice job! I used to talk to these guys when I worked 911 Emergency in the Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept. We would call them up, give the GPS coord, and work them until fire/rescue took over and guided them in. Thanks for your work, brings back old memories.

This tool is fantastic and makes mod managing 100 times more comfortable, also I'm amazed at how professional it looks.

Hi, i can't make the scenery work, when i download it, it only appear as rar file. What do i do to make it work?

It seems that since last release of MFS2020 there is a problem with the classic paintkit > when in exterior view: the inside of the plane is transparent. No problems with factory classic liveries.

It's to handle the cases I can't with the Community Downloader, so yeah, the two of them will operate in tandem. 🙂

I will add support to alternate storage folder, it's on the roadmap, stay tuned!

Is this meant to replace your MSFS Community Downloader or simply to compliment it? Basically I'm curious... Is it meant to be the next evolution or is your goal for the two of them to operate in tandem?

Your community downloader is definitely a program I have grown to love and depend upon. I am anxious to try this one as well, but (as already pointed out by others) I do not store my data in the community folder, but only the links. Sadly, I can't take advantage (or even test) the increased functionality this program provides until you add support for alternate storage folders. Please keep us updated on when the option is added, I am certain I am not the only one excited to try this out.

Dear Mugz. Please update if its possible.

On the Google Drive link, there are three files, which one should I download?