Thank you for doing this requested livery. Great job Thank you.

This is where I live. You nailed it!!!! Your video shows exactly what I see every day when driving through the city. Thanks!!!!!!

"tuner car" ? I see open doors and hatch in the pic ... is that significant ?

thanks - actually i managed to get it working - seems the pop up box was not coming up after the initial press of the PERF - after couple presses it popped up.....

I dont get a taxi route when standing at the gate, atc(default) only tell me to taxi to the rwy, without telling me, for example taxi via A H3 H2 L to Runway 8. When activated you dont get the blue taxi ribbon on the ground to guide you.

I have just looked it up again as I made this airport in late 2020. The data I can find says the ICAO is AYMV and the IATA code is MKN. If you have any information you could share that would be great. Thanks

Hi, MKO. The title has been modified. Thanks


Thanks for the rating!! Love you like it and thanks for the comment, I will check them.

there are few cockpit videos out there and by carefully watching them you can get 90-95% cockpit config and the exterior does not have many options

It would be amazing if you can add KORD. I was not able to find any other addons to make the ai better at O'hare. Thank you!

Not yet. I will provide. For now, just unzip the file and copy into the Community folder. Soon I will make the ptp file available

hi, thank you for the comment,

I tried the optimization tool made by Thalixte without success. i think I don't understand how to use the latest version of the tool, it ruins my scenes, merging doesn't work... need tutorial, step by step for the latest version. anyway i(m still learning, and its a free addon, idc

same here, never had problems with the 5.0.9 version

salut de Perpignan. Je viens de faire un vol dans le coin. Je mets des screens. OK S10

salut, je viens de faire un vol dans le coin. superbe réalisation. Je mets deux screens

salut, je viens de faire une nav dans le coin, l'intégration est à revoir, je pense. je ne me suis pas posé. Pas de retour bureau. (je mets 2 screens)

The runway selection for ATC is STILL completely broken 2 years later

As always, the best, the enemy of the good. RIP 5.1.0, we miss you..

salut de Perpignan. Superbe scène OK S10-11 merci pour ce travaiol

part 4 and 6 keep coming up with errors when you extract them

This is beautiful work!

Any chance there will be a UIA version for the Fenix A320 as well? 😊

You are right, I'll update it once I get near to a computer, give me a few days...

That mod is obsolete. It is nearly a year old and predates the current vehicle bug that came in SU10. If you read the authors notes you will see that is was specifically created to address certain issues in ali501's old Kai Tak version 1.3 which included random vehicles in the airport, we are now on version 3.2.3. The author also says that all of those issues were fixed by ali501's version 2.0 except for a tall building issue, but that his mod could still be used with v2.0 with the caveat that his mod adds additional approach lights which should not be there.

More significantly Kaze updated his comments section just today saying that he actually wants to delete the addon completely from flightsim.to but was advised by them not to because of potential copyright issues, so he says the addon will remain but not be updated. I do not know what you managed to do to get it working and good luck to you if it did, but from my testing it does not work, regardless of the file name used.

I don't know why, this livery has serious performance issues on my computer, whether it's 4k or 8k, my computer is 5800x+3080ti

Glad to see the liveries still coming for the hornet!

Now I have traffic. I had made wrong settings. A traffic file is indeed in this package (many thanks for it) and now it works fine. Thanks everyone for thinking 😊

Looks nice ! Why don't you create a version closer to the photos, with hand painted roundel, star partly apparent and hand painted ID markings ?

I received a new laptop today. There's nothing installed here yet. Here it worked. What error does the program show to you?

not sure I understand your issue. Could you please explain a bit more what you encountered ? Normally there is a unique file in .7z that you need to uncompress (using https://7-zip.org) in your "community folder).

Furthermore, you total count of uploads is zero, whereas mine stands at 190+ free liveries for the community, so I guess that I’m kind of entitled to make the odd mistake. You, on the other hand, are not entitled to make even this most basic of errors, specifically that of calling me out in such a way.

how are you boys?
you don't know how to search in MSFS Addons???
do you know the work it takes to create, make and edit a scene???
So a little effort won't kill you...
Delete my scenes and enjoy horrible MSFS base airfields and stop bothering me with your little worries
I'm still waiting for your addons to be able to criticize them...
it's very hard to make a scenery with all msfs updates and sometimes we forget things ....

Hey, now I'm focusing in insert metar and map. I'm still developing 😉 Thanks for downloading