Actually met this guy when going there, he was so nice. Even wished me a happy birthday on Facebook

The paintwork is fantastic, but I was wondering. Thanks for the clarification. I really hope for Eurowings; )

Donated, thanks so much for all of your amazing work for the community.

Great little program, but I am not sure how to read the cargo weight(s). What does 1-6, 7-13, ect actually mean? I see the total pax but is there a total cargo weight here?? thanks

Thank you for this free scenery.

Is it me or the taxiway signs are huge (let's say too big) ?

The brand colors for Aircal are NOT RED/BLUE. If you're looking at photographs on the internet, all from old color negative or transparency film that have been poorly scanned and not properly corrected for color, you're not seeing the actual colors that AirCal used in their branding. I feel this is a 100% correct rendition of what Aircal should look like and is based on actual research on my part. I'm obsessed with AirCal and have a large collection of printed material and vintage swag. I have both new and vintage AirCal models, one which was an employee gift for service. It's not RED/BLUE. I think this is right. But if you don't like my choices for color, there are other, IMO much lower quality renditions available for you to download.

Hi ! Great job, do you plan to do Transavia France textures ?

It would be better to remove this Tool, until the problems are fixed. This cause a lot of issues for Developers and their Support Team.

i edited my message above 10 times, so make sure you re-read it for the latest version 😊

OK, I will try that - will report back tomorrow, my friend is not at home yet.

 update 22.05.2022 

Hello all,

there was a new dev update for the H145 and there was some background changes to the animations eg that I currently have real difficulty to get my stuff (with my knowledge and skills) adjusted.

so it may well now take a while until an adapted version comes, if it comes then...

Good work but, why is it displaying a german flag on the side being spanish aircraft?? Doesn't make sense. Colud it be changed?

😍😍😍🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thnak you ! you do a really good job 👍🏼

oh ok thanks for the screenshot, now it's more clear. It's just the color that is broken, If you use the new 'black' mode you have to change the folder colors to match the rest of the view (otherwise the text is the same color as the background and you don't see anyhting). Check options screen 'colors' tab. Put some colors in the for backgound of the folders like in the pic -> https://imgur.com/ogbL6M9

The click Ok and Restart the tool, It should be better. There's probably a little something that i need to check in the code about those colors.

Just found this tool now and it's super handy. No more need for opening each png in PS and then exporting to dds. Now, I did run into an issue: in my install folder of ImageMagick there's no identify.exe, thus throwing an error while running the script (it does export fine). I just downloaded the most recent .exe from the website. Is there another version I need?

Again, PERFECT WORK, Heli30, thank you very much, it's a great pleasure to fly over Berne and to land and start at Inselspital !!!

Happy to find even more of your sceneries...

Well, I'll try some linked screenshots

Opening screen:


2 folders in E:\Addons - these are

  • Helicopter (included H135 from flightsim.to)
  • Scenery/Scotland (included Lossiemouth)

Links to be seen on the right in Community folder

No names on left side behind the small squares


Names only appear when pressing "Expand/Collapse to folder level"


sweet! can you possibly try amerijet please ? they are some liveries that are mostly white so it shouldnt be hard

Excellent scenery, one of the best in Florida, you are only about 150 miles, off, as far as Key West location, no worries. I made a video to highlight your great workmanship & attention to detail, thanks,,,https://youtu.be/VwuqSi4tlWo

Just extract the folder to your desktop before moving it into your community folder.

It's already a long shot.....UH-60M is a different aircraft from H-60L and even further to the HS-1. I guess we need someone in Brazil to create these two aircrafts so that I can paint liveries on them...

its a mod, by the guy who made the ups livery with the f uppder deck

the trees in some areas looking very ugly and at night there are no lights. Only on the Skyscrapers. Can i send u pictures somewhere?

The texture was perfect, congratulations on the work.

Thank you very much for doing.

Ficou perfeita a textura, parabéns pelo trabalho.

Muito Obrigado por ter feito.

Hello Andreas, I would like to thank you for your magical project and share that I have built a small optional mission (WHO vaccination campaign) from it for my world trip with the H145, in which your mod fits super. Just click on the little yellow dot at HTMB.


Thank you and kind regards from someone who is already very much looking forward to the Malawi flights. 😊

Fantastic work! I really like this livery....very clean design.

Will fly her on many South American trips in the future.

From one painter to another, nicely done!!

Not sure if anyone else had this problem but when I was descending, my autopilot would turn off constantly for some reason. A bug perhaps?

Part of it could be the lighting but it is darker than it is supposed to be, i will change that when i find the time 😊

Thank you for your praise I appreciate it very much

Fantastic work! Not a well known livery...but quite beautiful I think and will fly her when I'm in the region she flies.

From one painter to another..STUNNING work

hello, is it possible to post a screenshot because just by reading i don't really understand what is happening for you. Thank you.