Fantastic! Would it be possible for there to be a load of parked GA aeroplanes lined up along the back of the airfield like there is in real life during an airshow? Looks kind of odd seeing nothing over there.

о базара нет спасибо

Correction to my last comment. The upper aerolons work correctly. the lower aerolons need to wove in parallel to the upper wings which are correct. There are NO flaps on early aircraft.

This is really an awesome and ggood job you did along all those updates. I've noticed that AI aircrafts have wheels not visible (ground traffic for instance). are you aware of this issue and wll you fix it ? Thank you !

You should use 7-zip if you run into problems like these. Usually this is connected to a memory leak when handling larger files. Try to unzip onto your c: drive first and then move the extracted files to the final destination. Also check if you have enough free space on your c: drive for the operation to complete. Another trick: Don't use the same drive for storing the zipped file and extraction. These things could possibly solve your issues. They are not related to the provided files.

thank you. when i saw your list i immediately loved it and thought 'what do i usually need to keep record of, hence the transitional altitudes at both dept and arr airports. even, maybe fuel'

Hi, thank you for your message, I will do this right away

i found new views 9.2 V ! passanger windows view , go to Show case view / drone cam / end / and move (unfortunatelly are statics)

Another improvement...However...The Pilot needs to increase in size...he is about 40% of the size he should be. Also the two aerolons on the lower wing are acting like flaps. Theey should rotate in opposite directions from level dependant on which way the stick is moved. Move the sticj right and the left aerolon should go down and the right aerolond go up forcing a right bank. when the stick is pushed to the left the opposite should occur...but well done...getting there...amd the wheel effects on grass were happening

MSI GTX 1070 OC, MSI B550 MB, Ryzen 5600X 16 GB Ram. I have AI ship traffic add-on which could also be the cause of the CTD as Southampton is near the water. BRGDS Charles.

I love the Airshow concept.! I wish it was available as an option for several more airports that have annual airshows such as Nellis AFB, and many others.

This has to be one of the most beautiful liveries out there for a 320. Awesome job man 👌🏾🔥

Thanks John, at this rate you will have done all of south coast 😉

Hi! Tried to join the discord, but the invite link was expired. Would love to join the discord. (Latka#7969)

Emailed my thoughts to the Gmail account, but I'll post them here as well:

I downloaded your AN-2 a couple of hours ago, and wow - this airplane has so much potential! I love the sounds, and the external model is great too! My budd and I flew around in them a little bit in Hawaii and had so much fun. 

Some feedback, if you don't mind:

  • Please change the folder name for install. Something like "Antonov AN-2" would be great. 😉 "aaa-aaa-bbb-ccc-ddd" is a little hard to find at first.
  • When extracting the "aaa-aaa-bbb-ccc-ddd" folder into my \Community folder, I initially couldn't locate the manual (lol even though it was titled "English user manual." - Should that be "English / Hungarian?" or was it intended to be English only? Maybe you should have a folder called "Documentation" to put the manual(s) in?
  • In the manual itself:
  • If you could please, label all the switches in the manual that are in the cockpit? I'm really curious what they all do, although some are in Cyrillic I think, and I don't read or speak any Russian or Ukrainian. 😞
  • For switches listed, is "down" always off? The reason I ask is that I noticed the (#17 mixture lever) moves back to front instead of what I was expecting, which was front to back (where back is off). Just making sure the switches are "off" when down.
  • I believe item number 16 and 17 are reversed. The upper light turns red when I lock the tailwheel.
  • Just what is a "UFO Light" (listed as UV light master)?
  • What are the two instruments below #18 and above #19? It looks like you can spin the outer "cog" wheel and the smaller knob on the instrument. It looks like those adjust the (tiny) numbers to the left of the knob, but I have no idea what the instrument is lol.
  • Pilot side panel - 
  • Switch 6 and 7, would "fan" be a better choice of language than "ventilator?"
  • Behind Pilot Yoke - 
  • Switch(es) #1 - marked as "Landling light" in manual, but in cockpit says "headlight." My guess is you mean "landing light" in the cockpit too?
  • Switch #7 - what does this do? I see that #5 is listed as "Start Master Switch" - must #5 be on for #7 to work? What does the "Clutch" position do?
  • Right above where it says "cylinder 9 cylinder 1 - are those temperature readings for the two cylinders indicated?
  • Copilot side of cockpit - 
  • There appears to be no entry in the manual for that side, yet there are several gauges that are not on the pilot side.
  • There's a (temperature?) gauge just to the lower-left of the artificial horizon that right now is "maxed out" (at full measure) on my screen. This is after having the aircraft idle for...20 minutes? The other two temperature readouts I could find on the pilot side (#10, the combination gauge - Oil Temp), and the one to the left of it marked "C"(?) both look normal.
  • What is the large round gauge (looks like a compass?) The knob to the upper-right spins, but nothing changes. 
  • "Hungarian user guide" heading (lol thanks to Google Translate for me!)
  • You probably want to put in a page-break there so it's less confusing.
  • Extra blank page at the end

It's now nighttime in Hawaii, and I'm still idling on the runway! 

  • I didn't test every switch or knob in the cockpit. I plan on going through them more thoroughly (tomorrow maybe?) and seeing what I can learn. Several switches - when you move your mouse over them, the pointer changes to a hand, but clicking does nothing.
  • The interior view switched to the "headlamp" - as if the pilot is wearing a light on their head. I switched the four "UV" light knobs and nothing changed. 
  • The "instrument views" (CTRL+1 -> CTRL+0) don't seem to focus on different areas / panels of the cockpit, rather they seem arbitrarily tied to different views in and around the aircraft.
  • The switches below the throttle / mixture / etc are a bit confusing. I see now that there are three lights indicating (trim?) - but the labels seem confusing. I just learned that the black button above "Flaps Down" is a "momentary switch" to advance the flaps down the next setting. There's a switch to the right of that though - not sure what that does. It looks like it can be clicked, but nothing happens.
  • Why is the aircraft name (when viewed by other people) "MCSIMPLE?"

I'm pretty sure the AN-2 has a radio...right? 😊 I could not find it, yet when set to "AI control," the co pilot made radio calls. OH - after about 20 minutes of idling, the ATC window started very rapidly flashing between what I would say is "normal" and the indicator you see when the radios are off.

I understand that in the next version you plan on including GPS - please allow a version like is in v0.2 for those who *don't* want to fly it with GPS!

Thank you again for all your hard work on this magnificent "Soviet Era" airplane. There are people in the world, like John and I, that really do appreciate it!

Uma das melhores pinturas executivas do CRJ. Amigo consegue fazer uma para o CRJ 700 ?

Use the default TCA profile it works great.

Sorry what´s new in 0.92 v ? thx a lot ...

Si c'est suffisant parfait, merci, c'est top !

Hey everyone,

Still having issues with the installation of this amazing aircraft where it is saying file names are too long and cant be completed. Somebody kindly suggested using 7zip to complete it however i have tried this and it has not worked. Does anybody have any ideas what I could try to get it working again? I really miss this beaut in my sim!

Basically I dont have any working instruments or screens. Thanks

Thanks for sharing. The screenshots look nice but it's hard to determine whag you changed. A few comparison shot would help. Identical pictures with and without your reshade settings

Merci beaucoup pour la photo, je vais pouvoir mettre à jour la livrée

Love the scenery but when you go to ATC, the runways are duplicate. For some reason, you crash to desktop. Works if you ignore ATC.

Ah effectivement après vérif (et je fait confiance à Flightradar) il me semble que vous avez raison

Ma dernière photo ou je peux lire l'immat est de fin juillet et c'était HLCH, mais je viens de me souvenir avoir passer cette photo : https://cdn-s-www.estrepublicain.fr/images/10015764-4D4E-47D5-B496-25292E226F4A/NW_raw/helismur-est-intervenu-pour-heliporter-le-cycliste-photo-er-pascal-chevillot-1633718398.jpg

Qui date d'une grosse semaine, étant prise dans le massif des Vosges je pensais que c'était un smur voisin mais ça serait donc celui du 25 et ça correspond à ce que vous dites, si ça peut aider à peaufiner la livrée en plus !

Je vous avoue qu'avec l'habitude, la lumière, la vitesse, entre le jaune fluo et le blanc je m'en suis peut-être même pas rendu compte, je remettrai un commentaire si j'arrive à avoir l'info mais peu de doutes !

Bien vu et merci pour la livrée que je vais utiliser dans le coin de ce pas !

Cool! I can not see the waypoints in my GPS (Garmin) - what am I doing wrong?

Danke für den Hinweis 😊

Aber wenn Du dir schon schwer tust als Profi, die in die improvement Mods rein zu bekommen, werde ich ws so oder so kläglich scheitern 😉

I've really enjoyed some long haul with this aircraft - Thank You so much for all of the time and effort you have put in.

One issue that makes it hard for me to continue long haul is that I cannot engage managed headings any longer. That used to work just fine but now - my last 2-3 flights - It only stays in selected heading mode. V.90 HDGs were working fine then stopped working - I installed V.91, it also didn't engage managed HDGs. I'll try V.92 but I don't think that was an issue you were aware of.

Good Luck & Thanks again!

NC914 I can't think of what issue would be if you dropped the AC package into the community folder after unzipping it , If anyone reading this is having the same problem please let me know , Thanks

Yep, i tried it with and without the mod, when i had installed the mod it often crashed short before the landing, without the mod the sim never crashed