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Version 0.10.1
Lançamento Inicial February 23, 2021
Última Actualização December 02, 2021
Tamanho do ficheiro 93.49 MB
Downloads 4,098
GPS Coordenadas 46.2259, 14.4559
Status Ainda não foi descarregado
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2,750 | V Second Officer

Compatibilidade Sim Update 7
Categoria Intl. Airports

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  • Version 0.10.1 December 02, 2021

    minor changes
    more lighting
    SU7 fixes

  • Version 0.10.0 November 14, 2021

    Added new terminal, cargo building or catering or whatever it is, and night lighting. Also something with the DME idk i did it a long time ago

  • Version 0.9.0 August 13, 2021

    -Fixed ILS
    -Added main terminal

  • Version 0.5.2 April 22, 2021

    Fixed the CTD according to LarsDH

  • Version 0.5.1 April 20, 2021

    Attempt at fixing the crash post update

  • Lançado em February 23, 2021

    O lançamento inicial deste ficheiro acabou de ser lançado. Bem-vindo a bordo!

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52 Comentários

THANK YOU for that great job! Could you plase restore also Belgrade Apt LYBE? Many enthusiasts would be ver thankul!

Achtung everyone. This airport will get an update soon. It'll include the new terminal and the cargo buindings for sure aswell as night lighting for all these buildings. If i'm in the mood i'll also add adria tehnika

Very nice Scenery, but in the night there are no lights at the Terminal. Please add that



3 month(s) ago / Agradecido por Spiki

Just wanted to comment again to say thank you for the many hours flying started out of your airport. The Payware version is due out any time now (its in SimMarkets hands) and I am moving to that but your version has added much joy and entertainment to my time flying in Slovenia so thank you for the memories 😀

Absolutely fantastic airport, one major concern that at night time there is not much light around the airport...

Hvala za vaš trud. Letališče je res lepo, le žirafe ne delujejo 😞

Morda veste, kdo bo izdal plačljivo verzijo LJLJ?


Spiki, big thank you!!

Keep improving this beautiful little airport.

It looks pretty great for a freeware. If I had 2 requests:

  1. Illuminate the interior at night
  2. Make the easter egg less easy to find?

I hope you will keep updating it even if the payware comes out.

This new version is causing lot of CTD for me now.

Also some parts of airport don't get loaded, its quite random.

Otherwise nice job.

Who is making the payware version?

I love what you have done and will download this update tomorrow but if will stop developing because Ljubljana is one of my favourite places I'd love to have the airport but not seen anything about it. Cheers!

I love Ljubljana airport and we need a good airport here in the flight simulator 2020! I hope, you will built a nice and good airport!

I don't know if all of you commenters get pinged when I comment but would you prefer I post updates of the airport with buildings or make all of it and post it?

Also if anyone has pics of the new terminal from the apron side send them please.

Awesome Product! Will give you 4 stars once site will let me. Only thing really is the fact main building isn't recognizable really but for freeware can't fault and is a great addition to the city add on. Visited Ljubljana in 2020 and fell in love. Just wish could somehow move there! Thanks for this product!

P.S The licensing agreement is just the template and doesn't say your name, the mod nor site so technically we don't agree to anything currently. You may want to fix that hence the heads up! If need a hand I have a basic legal education so happy to help ensure is right 😊

Thank you for your hard work!
According to LarsDH the CTD is now fixed (0.5.2)
Also prodution on buildings has begun
I use the MS Store version. With the version from the download link, it now works again for me😃!
Many thanks and greetings from EDTY
Made some changes, did StableSky's suggestion, added the parking ramp. It's pink.
Can someone guinea pig this release before i release it for real to check for crashes again?
Question: For those experiencing the crash, are you using the steam version or MS store version?
You could try to rename mymaterials folder to LJLJ-mymaterials [and relative entries in layout.json]
In my case, unfortunately, I still have a CDT.
Thank you in advance for your great work 😊....
I never had an issue with it but I recompiled with the new SDK and hopefully it fixes it for you guys.
Some one who had problems with crashing please comment if its fixed or if i should investigate more

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