Head out out Edwards Air Force Base to fly SIDEWINDER and the JEDI transition (AKA "Star Wars Canyon"), the legendary  low-level flight training route in California, USA. Used by the USAF, US Navy and allied nations for training in F22's, F18's and many other aircraft as they zip through narrow canyons and over mountain ridges at 200ft AGL. Join them in the Daher TBM 930 at a leisurely 150 - 230 knots.

This three leg bush trip will give you detailed instructions and visual references for every waypoint in the Navlog. Once you've recovered your wits we'll be taking in a bit of sightseeing. Fly below sea level in Death Valley and then across the wide-open desert spaces on the California/Nevada border. Finally we'll tour over the Hoover Dam, fabulous Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon before heading out to the cratered moonscape of the Nuclear Test Site and landing at Area 51.

The TBM's maximum manoeuvring speed is 158 knots, and whilst it is possible (if not advisable) to exceed this for short periods, careful use of the throttle and prop during low level manoeuvres is required. You'll have the legs to cover the desert miles in this easy-to-fly turboprop.

The first leg and the first part of the second leg are based on published military procedures. Everything after that is fantasy only - you're not allowed to tear up the Las Vegas Strip at 158 knots/200ft AGL for instance! The official Sidewinder/Jedi Transition low-level route description is available here:


The low-level overview map is available here:


Copy the entire blackwaterskies-bush-starwars folder from the ZIP file to your MSFS 2020 community folder. The bush trip should then appear under the activities/bush trips menu in MSFS.

If you wish to attempt the flight in different conditions, using a different aircraft or with the waypoint assistance displayed, you may simply load the flight plan in the World  Map screen from: