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Version 0.94
Lançamento Inicial July 23, 2021
Última Actualização January 08, 2022
Tamanho do ficheiro 734.01 MB
Downloads 118,260
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Compatibilidade Sim Update 7
Categoria Airline Aviation
Afiliação Airbus A330-900

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  • Version 0.94 January 08, 2022

    Hi all,

    Please note this is a small update, mainly for fixing the last MSFS hotfix. I work on a lot of stuff (like native wingflex, fixing systems) who need more time.

    In this update you will get:

    - Added: Collision areas for drone and into the cockpit.
    - Changed: The EFB main logo.
    - Changed: Wingflex values.
    - Changed: Engine Power.
    - Fixed: The infiny loading (from last sim update).
    - Fixed: The replicated 3d cockpit.
    - Fixed: Screens luminosity.
    - Fxied: Cockpit texture roughness.
    - Fixed: Fuselage no longer disappears if the drone is close.

    -> Please do not forget to remove the previsous A330neo in your community.

    -> Next update will be more consistent : After weeks of studying with others dev, we think we have found how to implemente the native wingflex ! (Thanks to Madolo and Qbit). At this day only defaults aircraft get the native wingflex and engine.

  • Version 0.93 November 21, 2021


    - Fixed : MCDU
    - Fixed : Engine thrust scalar

    Work to implement the FBW 0.7 systems are started but difficult because seem sensible to flight model and engine.

  • Version 0.92 October 18, 2021

    - Added : 4 new portholes views
    - Fixed : HIFLY rear texture
    - Fixed : Landing light message on ECAM

    Remove the 0.91 from your Community and ad into your Community the 0.92


  • Version 0.91 October 17, 2021

    -> This is mainly fixes update :

    - Fixed aileron animations
    - Fixed GPWS callout
    - Fixed red button on sidesticks
    - Fixed porthole views
    - Fixed pilot camera position
    - Fixed fuel data on ECAM
    - Fixed trusth scale
    - Fixed wingflex scale (but maybe too much now ?)
    - Fixed bug and water effect on cockpit glass
    - Fixed C gear light
    - Fixed landing light message on ECAM
    - Fixed CG position
    - Added EFB
    - Removed the copilot inside the cockpit

  • Version 0.9 September 30, 2021

    - Brand new exterior 3D model.
    - Brand new 3D model animations (Wings, Gears, Flaps, ..)
    - Brand new MSFS effects (Engine heat, Contrails, Lights, Rain, Dust, ..)
    - New Flight Dynamics.
    - New 4K textures with PBR.
    - Complete integration of the FBW A32NX Virtual Cockpit (version 0.6.2)
    - Added A330 specific features to the VC.
    - Complete integration of services and systems, according to MSFS SDK Guidelines.

    Please read the mod page for more informations

  • Version 2.0 July 25, 2021


    - Fuel capacity raised to 36,000 Lbs.
    - Removed N1/N2 Engine Protection.
    - Increased main wing thickness.
    - Fixed maximum cruising altitude.

  • Lançado em July 23, 2021

    O lançamento inicial deste ficheiro acabou de ser lançado. Bem-vindo a bordo!

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Hello all,

If you want to get some news, please clic on the purple "follow" button. Just shared news about the new wing.

Reverse thrust only. [BUG] I can't switch ann fly the plane using my X52 Pro. Any ETA for a fix? ...or maybe work around someone?

The wingflex was much better on the 0.93. Wingflex on the 0.94 is almost non-existent.

This addon is amazing! One thing I would say is that the rudder physics feels weird, I don't know if it's me not used to flying an A330 in a simulator but it feels very hard to turn the plane. Another thing I'd like to point out is if it was possible to fix the speed, sometimes it's hard to lose speed on this addon. Other than that it's an amazing addon.

when trying to copy the addon file to my community folder I keep on getting an error that says the file name is too long for the destination folder. I've tried renaming the file to something shorter but that doesn't work. Any help please?

bonjour a tous cet avion a t'il " effet de givre dessus" par mauvais temp ?

merci par avance pour vos réponses

Thank You for this outstanding free mod!

I did a little soundmod for the Plane!

Hopefully the next update will fix the need to fix the sensitivity on the TCA Quadrant similar to what FBW did

Hello together - Everybody with a throttle Problem and Bllack Displays. You have to delete the Cache Archive. There are TWO of them. Thats the thing why I had the trouble. When deleted, the Aircraft has no trouble with the Throttle and black Displays. The first is the Cache, most of you know: (Steam) It ist the Packeges Folder "one above" the Community Folder. There you have to delete the Folder with the headwing A330. But this was not solving the Problem. There is a second Packages Folder from Microsoft, where all AIrcrafts are listed, you ever used. Therefor the best ist, you search in the Exporer the headwind Folder. So - again.

1. Delete the headwind folder from the community Folder

2 Delete the headwind folder one Path over the community Folder

3 search now in the explorer *headwind* and you will see another Folder - delete it.

4 Install the A330 normal in the community Folder.

Thats the way in my case, that everything is fine now. No Throttle Prob and no Black Screens. - The Point Nr 3 was the Cause.


Is there a way for me to be able to change the default payload configuration for each segment? I'm kind of tired having to edit the payload weight one at a time everytime I want to start a flight. Is it the same way to edit the default CG as well?

Very amazing freeware aircraft keep up the good work!

But here are some issues:

  • part of the cockpit is blank
  • Logos do not work
  • minor tweaks to the cockpit should be done
  • some W+B issues in mcdu

This project has a lot of potential, the aircraft is very good. However, there are some few bugs:

  • Vertical speed gets crazy in high altitudes (>FL360).
  • Logo lights don't work.
  • There are some minor things to correct in the cockpit.
  • The second page of initialization (in the mcdu) doesn't always work.

Good luck with this project.

How do you properly calibrate the throttles other than create a new profile ? As it would be good to transfer from the A32NX

Superb, a very nicely done project.

I've got an idea for the next update to enhance the flight experience for this aircraft. For the showcase window wing view, instead of putting external view sound ( loud roaring of the engine outside the aircraft ), why not change it into cabin ambient sound?


well working

APU does not start at low outside tmperatures. Anyone has this too? Any solutions?

This updated version is not working properly can you please rollback and upload the previous version on this website?

i have had it for a long time and now its not loading in what should I do

the reverse thrust doesn't work

Ive downloaded this plane loads and for some reason its not in my planes when i load in? I dont know what im doing wrong can anyone help

Hello all,

If you want to get some news, please clic on the purple "follow" button. Just shared news about the new wing.

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