IndiaFoxTecho- T-45C - FiAF 40th. Aniversary

This livery is made for the T-45C by Indiafoxtecho
It is based on the special livery of the Finish Air Force to celebrate it's 40th. aniversary.

Special thanks go to our fellow community member "Blinde" who gave some very appreciated support in the creation of this livery.
Some special features of this livery:
- Highly detailed curves around the whole fuselage
- Custom decals like to be found on the FiAF Hawks around the cockpit
- Custom Pilots suits added by "Blinde"
- Custom warning-tape for the air inlet-cover by "Blinde"

1. Copy the folder "Livery_Hawk_FiAF_40th-anniversary_(by Christoph_T)" into your community-folder of your MSFS directory.
2. Start the simulator and have fun!!

Every feedback on things you like or don't like is highly appreciated.

!!!Do NOT reupload this repaint without my permission!!!

If you enjoy my work please think of a small
Every coin will lead to new content for you to enjoy.

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