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30 day(s) ago

Welcome 2023 - January Summary

Happy New Year, pilots and creators! We are excited to see what 2023 has in store for us as we are improving and expanding from day to day.

Performance Improvements

This month we have put special emphasis on performance improvements. After we had to deal with server problems at the beginning of the month, we have now built our server infrastructure on redundancy in many respects and improved the response times. Thanks to numerous optimizations, Flightsim.to now works as fast and reliable as never before.

  • Improvement Following the recent events of performance issues and website downtime, we have setup additional database and server nodes in London and New York to distribute traffic during peaks. Update: New York node has been replaced with another node in London due to latency issues
  • Improvement We have migrated the live search engine. The improved live search allows you to scan through add-ons a lot quicker
  • Improvement We reduced JavaScript resources that blocked page rendering and resulted in additional loading times
  • Improvement Fix Onsite Discover and Live Search features have been improved in terms of reliability and search speed. Fixed a bug that caused the search function not to find all actual matches. Fixed an issue with the sorting algorithm
  • Improvement Replaced Themify Icons with Heroicons
  • Improvement Replaced RateYo star icons with Font Awesome star icons
  • Fix Implemented additional caching layer for user messages and notifications to reduce load time and resources on each page load

User Experience

Many parts of the website have not been further developed since 2020. Our focus is therefore on providing the features that are not yet complete and replacing outdated concepts that have been overtaken by newer and better ideas. We are adapting Flightsim.to to the age of 2023, and along with that come some UI changes. For example, we've rolled up the profile pages from scratch. Each creator now has their own profile feed, and can post their news and announcements there. These are simultaneously displayed site-wide on our brand-new Community Feed, which lists all activity related to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Our algorithms scan news sites and Twitter daily for new entries to share with the community. Our new Database lists new product releases and updates, as well as news from the Microsoft Flight Simulation world, and allows you to add products to your wishlist, create price alerts, or add them to your library.

The revamped Groups feature allows creators to communicate with their followers and share news about their mod, while users can create and participate in discussions. It's also finally possible to browse author uploads on profile pages, and ratings for authors and their uploads are now more highlighted. This is just a small sample of our updates this month.

  • Improvement Added mobile and tablet support for My Messages
  • Improvement Redesigned the commenting area and commenting features for feedback, requests and news posts to match the overall site design.
  • Improvement Expanded website width on mobile devices by reducing the blue margins
  • Improvement The list entries for "This Weeks Best" and "This Days Best" are now divided into add-on categories for a better overview.
  • Fix Fixed a bug that caused notifications not to be marked as read and the "Mark all read" button not to work
  • Fix Fixed a bug that caused loyalty rewards not being correctly redeemed
  • New Added Search feature to My Messages. You can now search through your messages on Flightsim.to. 
  • New New SimBrief Profiles category
  • New Added a form for deletion requests on the Modify Upload page
  • New Integrated a new discussion and community forum - talk.flightsim.to
  • New Reenabled the Flightsim.to database feature
  • New Integrated Live Chat Support for payware customers and vendors 
  • New User Profiles have been reworked. Allowing users to search through another user's uploads, as well as to filter / sort them. Added My Wallpapers, Recent Reviews, and a user's personal feed to profiles. 
  • New Reinvented and redesigned the Groups feature for mod pages - other users can now create topics to discuss within a mod and follow new announcements easier than before.
  • New Added a new page "Followed Creators" which displays recent uploads and updates from creators who you follow on Flightsim.to. 
  • New Added "User Reviews"-Overview to freeware mods, products and user profile pages. It shows the average rating and its percentage distribution between 1 and 5 stars.
  • New My Feed now allows you to filter by a specific date, so that add-ons released or updates before this date will not show up anymore


2 month(s) ago

December 2022 Summary

  • Improvement There has been a major overhaul of liveries navigation. This is now basically divided into "By Manufacturer" and "By Type", the subcategories of which are divided into the respective publishers/product developers. We hope this will give you a better overview.
  • Improvement Changelog: New Categories has been added so you can keep track of newly added categories to the site.
  • Improvement  We have improved the image processing on the site to ensure better performance. Images should now be served more efficiently and waste less resources.
  • Improvement Added additional caching layer for most served images to avoid unnecessary database fetches.
  • Improvement The image upload processes and functions have been completely recoded to use more efficient and contemporary methods. This will greatly reduce the number of server errors, especially when a large number of large images have been uploaded.
  • New  The landing page now has charts showing which add-ons are currently the most popular, including the best sellers and a selection of your own country's scenery.
  • New  We have introduced Feed as a very first beta version. 
  • Fixed We have implemented an alternative captcha verification method for users in China, as China has blocked Google and thus Google reCaptcha hasn't been working for Chinese users.


2 month(s) ago

Visibility Options for files

We have simplified and streamlined the visibility options for files. From now on there is a possibility to divide the files into the following visibility options: 

  • ✔️ Public The file is publicly listed and can be downloaded.
  • 📁 Archived - Discontinued The file is publicly listed and can be downloaded. However, it shows a warning message that it is no longer supported and future updates are not to be expected. Notifications are stopped.
  • 🗑️ Recycle Bin The file is publicly listed and can be downloaded. However, it shows a warning message that it is no longer supported and future updates are not to be expected. Notifications are stopped. Additionally, it will not show up in your My Uploads and profile anymore.
  • Temporarily unlisted The file is temporarily unlisted but is still available for download. Comments are stopped. Use this option if your add-on isn't working as expected or needs an update to work again. This option can only be used once a month and your file will automatically become public again after five days at the latest, if not manually re-enabled earlier.


4 month(s) ago

October 2022 Summary

  • Improvement General Website UX and UI changes, essentially refreshed. 
  • Improvement Backend: Performance Optimizations in terms of more efficient caching. 
  • Improvement We switched our Uptime monitor provider. Go check our new Flightsim.to Status page.
  • Improvement Revised the My Uploads - Rules and My Uploads - First Upload page design. 
  • Improvement Feather Icons have been removed and replaced with Heroicon SVG icons.
  • New  Added new category Static Aircraft to the Scenery Map.
  • New  Added new category CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon.
  • New  Added new category Black Square Velocity XL. 
  • New  Added new category Asobo Darkstar.
  • New  Added new category Pilatus PC-21.
  • New  Added new category Bombardier Global 6000.
  • New  Added new category De Havilland DH-100.
  • New  Added new category De Havilland DH-82.
  • New  Added new category Asobo T-6 Texan.
  • New  Added new category for Vanilla Thumbnails.
  • New  Added new category Little Navmap. 
  • New  Added compatibility indicator for Sim Update 11.
  • New  Added new category iniBuilds A310.
  • New  Added new category Miltech Simulations MV-22B Osprey.
  • New  Added new category Guimbal Cabri G2.
  • New  Added new category Bell 407.
  • New  Added new category Douglas DC-3.
  • New  Added new category Sky Simulations MD-11. 
  • New  Added new category Havilland DHC-2 Beaver.
  • New  New Notification: If a product on your Wish List has been set on sale, you will now be notified by Site Notification and by Email (if enabled).
  • New The Feedback page has been re-enabled and insourced. 
  • New The changelog page is has been insourced.
  • Fix Fixed a bug that made it unable to attach images to My Messages.
  • Fix Fixed a bug that caused no bestsellers to be displayed on the home page.
  • Fix Implemented a site-wide image size limitation of 8 MB per image and 100 MB per upload to address errors when this size was exceeded.


5 month(s) ago

X-Plane.to is now online

X-Plane.to is now part of the Flightsim.to Universe.

With the recent release of X-Plane 12 a week ago, a very successful series in the flight simulation industry has found its successor. Today, we are happy and proud to announce the continuation of our journey with X-Plane.to as part of our Flightsim.to universe. X-Plane.to is a dedicated platform for X-Plane 12 fans, modders and creators. We wanted to make it as straightforward and simple as possible, so you don't even need to sign up for another account, you can just transfer your existing Flightsim.to user account over to X-Plane.to, and start using it right away - at best with only three clicks!

X-Plane.to comes with the same features and simplicity that everyone started to love Flightsim.to for, and our mission is to bring the ease and joy of uploading, sharing, downloading and using mods over to X-Plane 12, as an essential part of the flight simulation community. Together with all creators, we are committed to making upgrading and modding your favorite flight simulation game, be it X-Plane or MSFS, a hassle-free experience.

We know that creators are the core and root of each platform's success. Not only that the most active Flightsim.to creators get 10% of their Flightsim.to Karma points credited directly to X-Plane.to. Among the first 100 uploads we are giving away vouchers for the Flightsim.to - and hopefully upcoming X-Plane - store. If you want to participate, be among the first hundred to upload your mod, and you can also enter in our second giveaway here. Make sure to spread the word so your friends know what's going on!

You should also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


5 month(s) ago

August 2022

  • New Added category for GSX Pro Profiles
  • New Added category for Beechcraft Bonanza V35
  • Announcement  We are excited to welcome Aerosoft in our payware store.
  • Announcement We are excited to announce our collaboration with FSNews to provide flight simulation news to the community.
  • New Added Reshade category. 
  • Improvement Introduced overhauled UI for item pages using Tailwind CSS. We are slowly transitioning the website UI in general and tend to use Tailwind CSS for more parts of the website.
  • Improvement Clicking "Go back" after downloading an item does not reload the page anymore, it just closes the modal.
  • Improvement Added timestamp back to Recent Uploads and Last Updated pages.
  • Improvement We noticed performance degradation and implemented additional safety layers to protect against DDoS attacks. Our infrastructure should now be able to better defend against these type of attacks.


7 month(s) ago

Update to My Downloads

Update Information. If you open up a file page of a file that you have previously downloaded but for which an update is available, you will now see a notice with the update information directly, including the changelog of the recent update. From there you can download the latest update with just one more click.

IMPROVEMENT Updated the UI of My Downloads to maintain a better overview.


7 month(s) ago


Contributors. You can now add contributors to your project. Contributors are users who have contributed to a file. Essentially, it's about giving decent credit to contributors by displaying them on the project's page in addition to the uploader. But contributors can also access file statistics, for example. Read more here.

  • New Account-wide insights. Your My Uploads page now includes statistics for your entire mod-activity in a nutshell, e.g. information about This Month's Downloads, Today's Downloads, Avg. Rating and Total Download's for all your mods together.
  • New Item Pages. Item pages now include Likes and Dislikes and a Today's Downloads count.
  • New Files that have been recently updated (3 days) are now displaying a "Recently updated" alert for convenience / information of the user.
  • File tags are now displayed under the file description.
  • New File Insights are now loading more efficiently and quicker than before.
  • New Improved the translation and translation coverage on some pages of the site.
  • New All item pages now have a uniform design, regardless of the number of uploaded images or length of the description.


7 month(s) ago

Update Summary

  • Improved the site's Live Search performance and reliability.
  • Navigation items are no longer triggered on mouseover, but only when you click on the menu item.
  • Navigation has been reorganized, and an overflow has been added to avoid excess length.
  • Backup Redundancy: We're hosting our backups now in different server locations around the globe.
  • Requests: Using grid view instead of a list view, reorganized UX.
  • New Newsletter Archive now shows previously sent newsletter campaings so you can browse through them.
  • New Implemented Push Notifications on Desktop. These are not being used yet, but you can already consent.
  • New Store: Introduced Payware Bundles
  • New Store: Added option for vendors to discount their products if a customer has already bought another product from them.
  • New Requests: Added ability to comment on requests.


8 month(s) ago

Loyalty Shop

We are pleased to announce that our Loyalty Shop is now available. It allows you to redeem your Reward Points for discounts and coupons in order to save money on your future purchases in our store. Our philosophy is to reward loyal customers, and our loyalty program is a token of our gratitude for your loyalty.

To redeem your points, simply go to our Loyalty Shop and select the discounts or coupons you wish to apply. We do also reward multiple purchases and Karma collectors - even up to 100%!


9 month(s) ago

Multilingual News

The Flight Simulation Community knows no borders, our world is global and interconnected. Pilots from all over the world, from Europe, America as well as Asia visit our platform daily. We like to address all of you equally and therefore, from now on, we are proud be the first Flight Simulations site to offer our news posts in several languages. All upcoming reviews, guides, news and articles will be published in EnglishGermanDutchFrenchItalian and Polish from now on. 

Depending on which language version of the website you are using, the news contents will be updated. We're looking forward to introduce even more languages in the future based on your feedback.


10 month(s) ago

Scenery Map 2.0

Our improved Scenery Map allows you to browse between My Downloads and My Wishlist on the map. It also runs much smoother and allows you to select the layers you are interested in. We are constantly working on further improvement and new features. Bookmark now! 👉 https://map.flightsim.to


11 month(s) ago

My Feed

  • My Feed: You can now follow categories or countries according to your preference. This way, your feed will only contain the new releases and updates from the categories you are really interested in. Find this page under Activity My Feed. More information here.
  • Improved My Downloads page
  • Improved My Groups / My Messages


11 month(s) ago

UX Changes

You may have noticed that we've made some design and UX changes over the past few days, including introducing a revamped add-on page that further highlights the works of our creators. This is an ongoing process we're commited to, so more changes are to come!

This new add-on page is now enabled by default, if certain requirements are met. You can adjust those in your Modify Upload page.

For your description to be displayed, some conditions must be met.

  • Your short description must be at least 250 characters long. Too short descriptions will not be displayed and too long descriptions will be cut after four lines.
  • No HTML formatting or other embellishments are allowed.
  • You must have at least 4 images uploaded in your image gallery.

If there is no short description, the text of your long description is automatically taken in a shortened form. If there is no long description either, or if it is too short, the old design is applied, on which no short description is inserted under the title. If your image gallery has less than 4 images, the old design will be applied as well.


12 month(s) ago

Sim Update 8

  • Improvement We implemented a set of improvements to make the website load faster and less blocking while resources are being loaded in background.
  • New With the release of Sim Update 8, we have added the Compatibility option for this versions for creators. We are currently tracking the impact of Sim Update 8 on add-ons and mods. If no compatibility issues are reported to us, we will mark all mods as compatible in a few days. Please report compatibility issues if you notice any!
  • New We added a new category for Boats as there have already been released 5 of them.
  • New The maximum file size of a single file has been increased from 2.0 GB to 2.5 GB. You can still upload a total of 6 files, but max. 4 GB in total.


1 year(s) ago

Add-On Overviews

We have made improvements to a clearer categorization. Now you can search for add-ons for a specific aircraft or product. Let's say you are looking for any enhancements for A32NX. Before, you had to search every single category for matching add-ons. Now you can find all add-ons related to this aircraft clearly arranged on the dedicated add-on page, which lists all available add-ons for the respective product. Example: https://flightsim.to/add-ons/flybywire-a32nx

It is important for Creators that you also select the appropriate Add-On in the "Affiliation" dropdown during the upload of your mod, so that can be added to the correct product.


1 year(s) ago

Store Updates

We have removed the Currency selector on the store. Prices are now automatically displayed in the currency of your country. If our store does not support the currency of your country, it will fall back to a default currency.

All prices are now showing incl. of VAT, if applicable. Previously, the prices were displayed excl. VAT while VAT was calculated upon viewing the product page. Now, also the preview tiles of an item show the correct prices.

Reward Points

  • New We are introducing Reward Points. Our philosophy is to reward loyal and returning customers and to thank them for the trust they have placed in us. That is why we introduce Reward Points. For every full 1,- US $ you spend you will receive Reward Points which can be redeemed in our Loyalty Shop. Our Loyalty Shop includes several discounts or other benefits which you can unlock with your Reward Points to save money on future purchases. The Loyalty Shop is not available yet but will follow soon. But you can start earning points already from today. We have also automatically credited Reward Points to your account for previous purchases.


1 year(s) ago

X-Plane 12

Following 22 Million Downloads, 23K Uploads, almost 300K Members and 490 Days later, we are pleased to announce that this is just the beginning of our journey. Flightsim.to will extend its services to X-Plane 12 upon release. Look forward to more, Captains!


1 year(s) ago

New Categories

Sim Update 7 has been officially released. We have added a new compatibility indicator for this new version. We will wait a few days or weeks to see whether there are any Compatibility issues reported. If not, we will automatically mark all add-ons as compatible with Sim Update 7 as well. Read more about the compatibility indicator here.

  • Added new category for Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • Added new category for VoloCity
  • Added new category for Pilatus PC-6 Porter
  • Added new category for CubCrafters NX Cub
  • Added new category for Aviat Pitts Special S1S


1 year(s) ago

New Navigation

We have introduced a new menu bar to replace the previous sidebar navigation and the previous - too cluttered - horizontal navigation after your feedback reached us. The new menu is implemented in a more modern way and especially unifies the user experience on all devices regardless of screen size and resolution. At the same time, the menu is easier for the team to maintain, and it allows us to bundle the many categories and content that Flightsim.to offers in a more efficient way.

As with any change, this one will take some time to get used to as well. We are listening to your feedback and will continue to make improvements on this design and UX as well.


1 year(s) ago

Requests Update

Requests Update

Requests are an essential part of our site. Since Flightsim.to was founded, more than 10 thousand requests for liveries and scenery have been created, of which almost 4 thousand have already been processed by creators. We have taken this as an opportunity to make some changes.

Requests Lifetime

  • There are very, very many old requests from last year, whose requestor is most likely not even active anymore or has already forgotten about his or her request. And in order to keep the sheer volume of requests in check and to maintain an overview, we have decided to limit requests to a period of 6 months or 180 days. What does that mean? Once a request has been created, it remains online for six months. During this time, creators can accept to complete the request. If the request has not been accepted within this 6 months, the request will be deleted. However, if the requestor is still interested, he can create a new request as a follow-up. Thereby we hope to bring some overview into the jungle. But there is *one *exception to this: Requests that are followed by more than** 10 other people** by ticking "I want this too" will remain online even after 6 months.

Requests for Aircraft Registrations

  • In addition, we no longer allow requests for individual aircraft registrations, if the base livery has already been created. Of course, special paintings may still be requested. But as an example: If someone has created a Lufthansa livery for the A32NX with the registration D-AIPA, we do not allow a new request for the same livery, only with the registration D-AIPB. We will consider this as a duplicate from now on. Makes sense, doesn't it?


  • NEW The window in which the requests are opened is now larger than before. We implemented minor design adjustments and unification. Additionally, you can now mark requests as already created, accept and report requests on-the-fly, which means that the page will not reload after these actions. Previously, reloading the page meant that the previous searches and the current position in the list were lost when one of the actions was performed. That was pretty annoying and it took a lot of time to get back to the right page or previous position in the list. That has now been improved.

Option to step back without penalty

  • NEW Creators can now back out of a request without penalty if someone else has already completed the request before them. In some cases, a creator has accepted a request, but someone else created it faster or the request even had already been completed. The only way to step back in these cases was coupled with a karma penalty of 200 karma. We now allow undoing their offer without the penalty if the request was already created by someone else.

Fixed a Reporting bug

  • FIX Apparently there was an error last week which resulted in requests marked as completed and requests reports not being saved in the system, although a successful message was issued to the user. We apologize for this, it is now fixed.


2 year(s) ago

Important Changes for Donations and Creators

We are thrilled to announce some changes. This will be particularly important for creators.


Creators who collected donations via PayPal had previously provided their PayPal.me link in their user settings. From now on, we need your PayPal email address instead of the PayPal.me link. We have managed to integrate the donations with our system. This way you will receive notifications on Flightsim.to when someone donates via PayPal for one of your add-ons, and the donators will also be listed in a donators list on your file page. Creators, please navigate to your User settings and change the PayPal.me link to your PayPal email address, otherwise you will not be able to collect donations using PayPal anymore.

Buy Me A Coffee Integration

If you use BuyMeACoffee.com to collect donations, there are no mandatory changes to make. But you can optionally submit your BuyMeACoffee API token to us. When you enter this token, we can access your donors and embed them on your Flightsim.to profile page so others can see who has already donated to you. Your profile page will then show who has donated via PayPal, as well as via BuyMeACoffee. This is optional, but recommended. It can take up to 48 hours until your donors are synchronised with our system.

File Permissions

We take file author permissions very seriously to protect file authors from having their content stolen or used without permission. Creators can now set which permissions they want to give to others regarding their file. This way, we and others know, whether you have allowed others to upload, modify, improve or convert your file for their needs. The default settings are always set to "No" or "You have to ask me first", but you can change this by heading over to your Upload settings.

Discord WebHook

Creators: You can set up a custom Discord WebHook for your own file updates on Flightsim.to. If you update your file, a notification will be sent not only to the Flightsim.to Discord server, but also to any Discord server of your choice.

Partnered Creators

We're also thrilled to announce a new Partner role. Our Partner Program gives certain creators greater access to Flightsim.to resources and features like direct chat to our support team and access to beta features, allowing them to take an active part in the site's future development. Partnered Creators are handpicked by us and should have made a considerable contribution to the Flight Simulation community. Currently, there is no possibility to apply for it, we will contact you if we think you meet our requirements!

More to come soon

One of the next big features we're looking forward to is a Direct Messaging feature, allowing creators to directly get in touch with all of your followers, ask questions, organise polls and much more. Stay tuned for further updates soon. 🎉🎉🎉 By the way, we've just reached 10 million downloads a while ago. Yet another big milestone - thanks for that an enjoy your weekend! 


2 year(s) ago

Quite a few Changes and Updates

What a busy week for all of us! Luckily, the weekend near. Here are some news about what has changed on Flightsim.to in the last few days. Quite something.

➡ File Dependencies and FAQ
We have somewhat refreshed the design of the file pages. Creators can now also add Frequently Asked Questions for their add-ons and point users to necessary or recommended dependencies, for example. That way you can easily attach used Libraries within your file. 

➡ Discussions
We are bringing back Discussions. Each file has now its own discussion board where you can discuss topics or create threads on specific issues to relieve the clusters in comments.

➡ Block Users
Some users asked for it. You can now put other users on a block list in your user settings. These users can no longer comment on your files, rate them and can not contact you via DM. But they can still see and download your files. They could anyway if they log off.

➡ Progress on Requests
If you have accepted to create a request, you can now update it with your current progress so that the requestor and sponsors know how far you are. We have also created a new "In Progress" page that shows requests that are about to be completed in near future. 

➡ Text Editor Adjustments
We had to change the text editor for file descriptions slightly. Now the formats should be saved more reliably, links are set correctly and open in a new tab by default. It is possible that old styles will be lost the next time you save, as we no longer allow all previously set styles in order to keep it consistent and clean. Please only use the tools available on site.

➡ More Changes
"Aircraft" is now its own top-level category and became some subcategories. We added categories for Paint Jobs, Cockpit Additions, Checklists, the lovely A32NX Cups, The Skypark and Skylounge - more news on that soon. Besides that we slightly refreshed the site design, created 3 more categories for third-party aircraft, set up a new Help Desk and Live Support. Lots of little things have been changed to improve the usability and design of the website in general. Some you won't even notice, others will surely catch your eye over time. By the way, we're happy to announce that our official partner FlyByWire decided to launch their A32NX installer on Flightsim.to too as well, welcome!

That's all for today - see ya! 🥇


2 year(s) ago

Changes and Updates


  • Added the Featured tab for sceneries and liveries, featuring most trending items in these categories.
  • Redesigned the structure of the files page, the download button is now shown left to the image gallery.


  • Launched a new profile design. It is more structured and clear and contains further information of your activity. For example, you can now also see who you are following and others can see which files you liked. Because of the design change we had to revise the profile descriptions as they no longer allow HTML content. Please adjust this if necessary!
  • You can now also setup more information for your profile. For example, you can add your own Website Link, a GitHub Link and your Bitcoin Wallet address via your account settings page.

Karma and Levels

  • Collect Karma to level up in ranks. There are currently 13 Levels - starting from Trainee to General, which require a certain amount of Karma points. Check out the Karma Leaderboards and requirements here. Here is a list for what you can currently earn Karma.
  • Your current level is also displayed on your profile.

Coming next

  • The Karma system is just a first draft. We plan to link the system to both on our forum and Discord server in future, so all three platforms will share the same level and points. Furthermore we plan to introduce Badges in January 2021. You will be able to collect dozens of badges for your profile by fulfilling different criteria and actions on the site - and for each badge you get, you also earn Karma.


2 year(s) ago

Added support for Multiple Uploads

Creators can now attach up to six files for each of their items. Users can then decide which file they want to download. There will always be one highlighted main file and further files if necessary, for example for different versions or more parts of an item. To manage your files, visit the Modify page of your mod.

Reworked update procedure
Due to this change we had to rework the update procedure. If you wish to update your mod, please upload the new file as always. After that you need to navigate to "Version History" and officially launch your new file version, so others will get notified. For more details, you may read this help article.


2 year(s) ago

Updates and Changes

  • You wanted to a possibility to bookmark mods for later. Now we've added wishlists - you can use them to mark mods that you might want to keep an eye on, so you remember and don't forget them. For any item, just click on the "On my Wishlist" button next to the like button and that's it! By the way, your bag is displayed in the navigation at the top right.
  • We added a new "Featured" tab to have the most-trending mods in a proper overview.
  • We redesigned the Wallpapers page and fixed its scrolling. Now it also counts how often a wallpaper has been downloaded or viewed. In addition, new wallpapers will be watermarked by a "Captured by Username" text in the top right.
  • Item Tiles now also show whether you already liked a file (with a heart) or already added it to your wishlist. 
  • For category pages, you can now switch between Tiles View or a compact table listed view.
  • We added several more categories, such as a distinction between Intl. Airports and Regional Airports, update needed.
  • Added Third Party tab for community content that goes beyond the vanilla game - such as aircraft, liveries & mods for payware/freeware planes or bush trips.
  • Master Lists are now moved into the respective sub-categories of Liveries and Scenery tab.
  • Previous sub-category Countries now has its own, nicer tab with cute flag icons.
  • Added category for Flight Plans
  • Added 8K Resolution tag, update needed.
  • Added Applications category.
  • Added browser push notifications for editorial recommendations and news, yet it is currently not actively in-use.
  • Added What's new? page - showing what has been updated or added since you last visited the page. Remember to mark them all read by clicking the button, so it remembers when you last visited.
  • Added Requests Leaderboards
  • Requests can be now sort by category.
  • Item Tiles now interactively rotate multiple preview images once you hover your mouse over it - so you can check screenshots without needing to open the mod.
  • You can now choose between Public, Unlisted or Disabled status for your mods. Navigate to Modify Upload > Visibility to change whether your file is publicly listed, private or its download is entirely disabled, maybe because you need to update it.
  • We're pleased to announce to have partnered up with the fabulous A32NX project.


2 year(s) ago

More Updates are coming soon

We are incredibly proud and glad to see almost 2'000 mods and liveries for Flight Simulator being shared here, as we're just on our road to almost 1 million downloads in total. To celebrate this we just started a giveaway on our Discord server. Join now to participate!

We are also working on cool new features that we hope to be able to introduce this week. Some of them are request lists, Creator showcases and support for multiple file uploads! Looking forward to it. 🎉


2 year(s) ago

Improvements to Donations

🎉 Donations are a great way to say thanks to a creator. However, sometimes it can be legally questionable to ask for donations: for example, if it is an upload that contains third party content bound to a fair use policy.

Therefore, creators can now adjust their upload settings whether they want to show or hide donation buttons. We advise you to only display donation buttons if you are dealing with 100% own works for that upload in question.

Furthermore, we have embellished the donation buttons. Creators can now also keep their own donation lists on their profile, appreciating users that already donated.

And much more...

You think that's it? Not that - but over the years we've improved and changed too much that we've decided to keep the rest of the posts archived and only display the most important ones on this page.

Alguma ideia ou sugestão?

Por favor visite o nosso quadro de feedback para partilhar connosco a sua ideia ou sugestão. Quem sabe, talvez possamos implementá-la em breve!

🟠 Em que é que estamos actualmente a trabalhar?